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Dressmaking Scissors, 8 1/2", Teflon

Dressmaking Scissors, 8 1/2", Teflon

Brand: Xsor

Item No.: DW-9000T

● Excellent for tailoring work. ● Blades are made of high quality stainless steel 420J2. ● Precise grinding and heat treatment make a more durable, long-lasting edge. ● Fine teeth blades are available for slick fabrics. ● Ergonomically designed Nylon handle provides extra comfort. ● Teflon coated blades are ideal for glued paper, fabric and adhesive tapes without sticking to the blades. ● Sewing, Quilting, Dressmaking, and Dollmaking. [8 1/2"] [9 1/2"]

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8 1/2", fine teeth & teflon, adjustable pivot screw, long handle


Dressmaking Scissors, 8 1/2", Teflon